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  • 公司简介

    Founded in 2013, through the application of the Internet of things + platform + technology product development model, is committed to create the world's top coffee equipment, so that everyone can feel the charm of technology and innovation, improve the quality of life.

    As a manufacturing service provider that focuses on the overall scheme of the intelligent commercial coffee equipment and the Internet of things, the technology is focused on R & D, intelligence, design and manufacturing.

    At present, a number of commercial self-help coffee equipment has been used by more than 1000 operators around the world for the development of the technology. With a win-win, open and shared development strategy, CBD is willing to work hand in hand with the downstream partners to promote the ecological construction of the commercial intelligent coffee equipment and the domestic market of coffee civilians, and to win a place in the strong international market.

    Hot products

    Technology intelligent cafeteria, "new product release", "star explosion", "hot selling products".

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